Joining Backwell Village Club


It’s simple – all you have to do is complete an application form with your personal details and then have the form proposed and seconded by two different Club members, who have been members of the Club for at least two years. The only stipulations we have is that you are at least 18 years of age and are a person of good character. A membership application can be downloaded here: BVC Membership application form


Please send the completed form to us, or hand it over the bar to a member of staff, marked for the attention of the ‘Membership Secretary’, along with the relevant annual subscription and including a one-off joining fee of £10.


Once the application form has been filled in and you pay the relevant fees, you will be provided with a membership card. This confirms your Club membership and should be carried with you at all times. You will also receive an email/text telling you once your membership is accepted by the committee which will usually be within 4 weeks of application. If for any reason your application for membership is declined, any membership of joining fees will be returned in full.

If you lose or damage your membership card so it no longer works, the Club will provide you with a new card and number but reserve the right to make a charge of £5 for this replacement.

Annual Subs from 2020


Age 18-64     – £20.00


Age 65-79     – £10.00


Student*        – £10.00


Age 80 plus   – Free


*Please note – Student rates are only available on production of a valid Student ID card

New member – £10 joining fee + annual sub (see prices above)

Payment of annual Membership

Memberships, which can be renewed from 1st December each year, can be paid by way of cash or debit card over the bar. Please note that cheques are no longer accepted due to the high banking costs associated with clearing these.

You can also pay by PayPal, details of which are on the website, or by BACS – for further details please email

Please complete the renewal part of the application form filling in all details so we are aware of any contact information.

​If sending your membership by post, please mark the envelope for ‘The attention of the Membership Secretary’. If sending in by email please send to


What happens if I forget to pay my membership by 31st January?

You can renew your membership at any time during a two month ‘window’ which commences on 1st December and runs until close of business on 31st January. After that date you can still renew your membership, but you will be deemed to be a new member and as such will be required to pay the additional £10 joining fee.

If for any reason you are unable to pay your membership within this 2 month window, we are happy to accept payment ‘in advance’ of 1st December for the following membership year. Please ensure you contact and inform the Club Secretary either by letter to the Club or by e-mail to