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The meeting commenced at 20:10.


Present:          The required quorum of 48 members of at least 2 years standing were present. Numbers attending were in excess of 80. The Chairman for the AGM (Richard O’Callaghan) welcomed all attendees and opened the meeting with some ‘house rules’ for the meeting and asked for confirmation that the Agenda was acceptable. No amendments were forthcoming and the meeting agreed by a show of hands to proceed with the proposed Agenda.


  1. Apologies – Apologies had been received from the following members:

Bob Selby, Greg Sturdy, David Lee, Dennis Wilmott, Mark Wilmott, Paul Hatton, David Addis, Andy Pitcher, Neil Houghton and Ken Bird.


  1. President’s Opening Remarks


John Merriman welcomed members to the Club’s 142nd AGM. He firstly thanked Jane and the staff for all their hard work throughout the year and in particular the work for the 2018 Beer Festival. He also extended thanks to Kevin Randall (Gerbs) for the valuable help he provided both in setting up and during the Beer Festival.


John highlighted the importance of the AGM content and the key issues – in that the Club faces not one crossroads, but two.


The first concerned the future management of the Club. John explained that some years ago Club members competed for positions on committee, but over the last 10 years we have struggled to attract the required numbers and these numbers have now so depleted that at times meetings have not gone ahead due to being not quorate. The only way to solve this was to ask the Trustees to step in and assist with the running of the Club.


John stated that as President if we moved to a new smaller ‘executive committee’ in order to manage the Club, he would ensure that we develop parallel arrangements where the Club members would be kept informed of matters relating to the Club and also have the means to express their views both easily and regularly on Club matters and management.  


John also stressed that without the many hours of work by Les Wharram and Richard O’Callaghan and recently by John Millard who was co-opted to committee to assist with building matters, it was unlikely that the Club would even be open. He also reminded members that all those Officers, Committee members and Trustees give their time freely.


The second crossroads concerned lady members – we have a decreasing income from memberships – not from decreasing numbers but from an ageing membership, many of whom now pay reduced membership fees. Many social Clubs have closed over the years and we do not want to be one of these. In looking to the future, we have discussed many options with experts from the Breweries and the Licenced Trade and one major point they raised concerning current trends in this trade is the type of membership – where we currently exclude some 50% of the adult population of the village.

John stressed that whilst this matter had been on the agenda before, this year it was being proposed by the Committee and Seconded by the Trustees and he urged members to look to the future and support the change – and make history for Backwell Village Club.


In closing he asked all to stand and observe a minutes silence in remembrance of those Club members who had passed away during the year. 




  1. 2018 AGM – Approval of Minutes and Matters Arising

The Minutes of last year’s AGM had been circulated beforehand and had been posted on the Club’s website since June 2018. There were no matters arising

The Minutes were accepted and passed unanimously.

Proposed:   Ray Uhl                 Seconded:           Andy Bullock



  1. Accounts for 2018

The accounts for 2018 were presented by the Treasurer, Les Wharram.

He stated that 2018 had financially been a good year for the Club. Although the pre-tax profit was only £4,262 compared with £18,926 in 2017, we had invested some £23,000 back into the Club. Projects included:

  • Repairs to car park after re-siting of smoking area
  • Replacing double doors in bar area with a window
  • New seating in the bar
  • New lighting for the snooker tables
  • Ongoing work with the heating system
  • New smoking area and shelter
  • Redecorations to the Club and its rental properties.


With good controls on buying of stock and other expenses and with no price increases we generated a healthy turnover of £228,313 with a gross profit of £118,901.

Les confirmed that as Club annual membership fees had been static for some time the committee had approved an increase from 1st January 2020 to £20 for full membership, £10 for students and those over 65 but remaining at £0 for those over 80. He also confirmed that a bar price rise was inevitable due to rising prices from our suppliers and would likely occur during the spring or summer of 2019. However this would be kept to a minimum where possible.

Les thanked Jane Chiddy (Club manager) for all the effort that she has put in to the accounting process (Quickbooks) and also to Frank Payne FCA for taking over the accounts review process after they are finalised by Astrum Accountants.

With regard to the Investment accounts which are looked after by the Trustees Les confirmed that the balance of these stood at £255,000 as at 31st Dec 2018. All accounts (four) are invested in a range of High Interest bearing deposit accounts with a range of high street and Merchant Banks, all of whom are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and the  Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). These accounts are reviewed by the Trustees on a regular basis.

Les and the Chairman clarified a question from the meeting concerning the use of deposit accounts only and the potentially poor rates of return these offer. It was explained that in the Trustees view stability of capital was the most important issue for members monies, rather than seeking potentially higher returns from investments that potentially carry a greater risk of fluctuating capital values. However this is considered as part of the regular investment review.

There being no further questions, the Chairman asked for the accounts to be formally proposed and seconded.

Proposed:   John Millard       Seconded:           Paul Herbert

                        The Accounts were accepted unanimously by a show of hands.


  1. Appointment of Account reviewer

Richard O’Callaghan confirmed that as our accounts were now prepared by a firm of Chartered Accounts a full audit was not required and a review of the accounts was sufficient. The proposal was that Frank Payne FCA be appointed as our Accounts Reviewer for 2019 accounts

Proposed:   Bill Ridge              Seconded:           Alec Rich

This was accepted unanimously by a show of hands.


  1.  Motions Received

Three motions had been received which were as follows:

Motion 1That Backwell Village Club moves to a Management Committee as detailed in the recently circulated ‘Future Management of the BVC’ document (attached).

                        Proposed:           The Committee               Seconded:           The Trustees

There were no amendments to the proposal.

The Chairman of the AGM (Richard O’Callaghan) outlined the proposals and reiterated the points made by the President regarding the future of the Club and the need to manage this properly for the benefit of all members. The continued lack of committee numbers was a major issue which was not going to be resolved – indeed if the proposal does not gain support, the alternative was to resort to the old style committee for which only 3 nominations had been received to fill the required 6 Officer and nine Committee member positions.  This would likely leave the Club in a position where the licence and legal position of the Club would be in question and would also leave the Club not quorate and unable to operate properly.

Richard also explained that a number of myths were being discussed around the bar by a small number of members which he wished to dismiss – these were as follows:

  • No member of the Committee or Trustees receive any form of remuneration nor will do in the future – all give their time freely.
  • There is no ‘power grab’ here – it is purely a move to have a smaller and more committed committee running your Club
  • As the President explained, there will be more communications with members, not less. Not only is the website and Social media being revamped to be more user friendly and up to date, but we will also arrange regular member meetings to seek comment from members on matters surrounding the Club.

The final point was that if we had to outsource the future management of the Club due to a lack of committee numbers, the cost implication would be large and would mean a dramatic increase in both prices and membership fees – a situation that surely no members would support.

The motion was then opened to the floor for discussion.

After mainly positive comments the motion was put to a paper vote and the Chairman reminded members that only those of 2 years or more standing could vote and that a 2/3rds majority was required for the motion to be accepted.

The outcome of the vote was 69 for and 12 against and therefore the motion was accepted.


Motion 2 That Backwell Village Club allow lady members with immediate effect.

            Proposed:           The Committee               Seconded:           The Trustees

There were no amendments to the proposal.

The Chairman again summarised the proposal and explained that as a Club we need to align ourselves with changes in demographics, changes in people’s social habits and  also look to become a more integral part of Backwell ensuring that the Village Club title is indeed representative of the village as a whole and not just ‘men only’.

The proposal was then opened for discussion.

Following an open discussion after a paper vote was held and the Chairman again reminded members that only those of 2 years or more standing could vote and that a 2/3rds majority was required for the motion to be accepted.

The outcome of the vote was 63 for and 20 against and therefore the motion was accepted. This was received with very positive applause.


Motion 3 That the Club rules be amended to reflect any changes in the Management of the Club and the admission of lady members (as in Motions 1 and 2) and the subsequently be updated over the next 12 months to a ‘plain english’ version where possible. This final document will then be proposed for adoption at the 2020 AGM.

Proposed:           The Committee               Seconded:           The Trustees

There were no amendments to the proposal.

             In view of the major changes in Motions 1 and 2 and the impact on other rules, rather than going through some 30 different Rules at this AGM the committee seek approval to run for 12 months on a draft set of rules. Over the next 12 months these rules will be reviewed and redrafted in conjunction with member input to be ready for 2020.

            On a show of hands the motion was passed unanimously.


  1. Appointment of Officers and Committee Members


The following nominations had been received for the new management committee and all are to be officers of the Club. All those nominated had agreed to undertake the work required for the position and the reporting requirements as outlined in the Management document.


Whilst one vacancy existed, a volunteer had come forward to fill the position of Health & Safety and Risk Management (Joe Watt), but as the deadline for nominations had passed the committee would co-opt Joe Watt at the first meeting of the new committee.








John Merriman

Frank Payne

Stuart Bates


Richard O’Callaghan

Jason Hartrey

Paul Williamson


Les Wharram

Paul Davies

Clive Pearson

Buildings & Maintenance

John Millard

Jim Kelly

Steve Hughes

H&S and Risk Management

See above



Webmaster & communications

Henry John

Richard O’Callaghan

John Merriman







            As no other nominations were received for the new Management Committee and the new style smaller Management Committee had been approved by the membership, the Chairman asked the meeting if they would be prepared to accept a bloc nomination for the above positions. This was confirmed by the membership. On a show of hands the bloc nominations were accepted by a large majority of the membership and well in excess of the required 2/3rds majority.


As a result the above Management Committee nominees were adopted for the nest 2 years.



  1. Nomination of Club Charity for 2019/20 Committee year


            Only 2 nominations had been received those being


  1. Freewheelers Blood Bikes – Proposed by Ray Uhl
  2. Parkinsons UK – Nailsea branch – Proposed by Kevin Randall


Both proposers gave a brief overview of each charity and the work they do. The Chairman asked if members would be prepared to vote by a show of hands which was accepted. As a result of the vote the selected charity for the next 12 months will be Parkinsons UK – Nailsea branch.



  1. Any Other Business


  • A suggestion was made regarding a new BVC member survey – the Management Committee would look at this.
  • The Garden area is at present unsafe due to lack of fencing on one side. The land had been levelled ready for new fencing and reseeding of levelled area. It was hoped that this should be completed by end of spring and that future use of the garden will be discussed by the Management Committee.
  • The card entry system to the Club is on the current agenda and we await quotes for installation.
  • A question was raised regarding a possible conflict of interest with one of the Trustees (Richard O’Callaghan) also acting as Secretary. Richard explained that he had been co-opted to the position over the last few years by the committee and had as yet not been put in a position of conflict. However if this was to occur he explained that his Trustee responsibilities would take preference. He also explained that the Club was urgently seeking a new Secretary as he wished to stand down from this position and would do so at the end of 2019/20 year – however he stood for election this year as no other nominations were forthcoming and would not leave the Club without a Secretary (who is the Executive Officer of the Club and the employer).



There being no further business, the Chairman again thanked all those for attending and for their input in what had proved to be a very historic night for the Club. The meeting was closed at 21:50.



Richard O’Callaghan                                                                          Alan Spear (Trustee)

Secretary                                                                                              Minute taker

Backwell Village Club                                                                        Backwell Village Club